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The importance of recognition by Ferrari

For more than 60 years, Ferrari cars have been eagerly sought after by classic car collectors the world over. One of the main functions of the Ferrari Classiche department is to issue Certificates of Authenticity to road-going Ferraris over 20 years old and all Ferrari competition cars, including Formula 1 single-seaters of any age. The Certificates officially attest to the cars’ authenticity and also provide important documentation for buyers should the certified vehicles ever be sold on. Another advantage is that all certified cars are permitted to take part in official Ferrari events including, for instance, the Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, which takes place in Europe and North America.

During the certification process, the cars undergo a thorough inspection at the Classiche HQ in Maranello. Using Ferrari's extensive historical archives, a committee of experts known as COCER (Certification Committee), chaired by Ferrari Vice President Piero Ferrari, evaluates the technical characteristics of each car put forward for certification. This technical examination of the car is the most important step in the process. It reveals whether the car is fully functioning, and if its chassis, engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels, bodywork and interior are original or at least comply with the original specifications.

Carrs Ferrari have extensive knowledge and experience of restoring cars in line with the requirements of the Ferrari Classiche programme. Our team of factory trained technicians have recently restored several Ferraris to their original factory condition at our prupose built workshop facilities. Throughout the restoration of vehciles here at Carrs of Exeter, our team will document and photograph all work completed on your Ferrari, giving you a priceless memento to keep and to offer to the next owner of your car. If you are interested in having your Ferrari restored through Ferrari Classiche with us at Carrs Ferrari, or require further information, contact Mark Ware here.

Certificate for cars of historical interest:

Introduced in the year 2009 the certificate is issued for cars from Ferrari, which are not considered to be authentic in the sense of determined criteria in the area of certification, complying with the following requirements:

- in the actual configuration the car has taken part in national or international competitions, or
- the actual configuration of the car is the result of modifications carried out by designers/coachbuilders of international fame within 10 year of the car’s construction date and has taken part in car shows or Concours d’Elegance or published in prestigious special magazines.

These requirements are the essential condition for Ferrari to release the certificate, to then for example participate in the Shell Historic Challenge Championship and other events organised by Ferrari for historical cars.

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Shift to the 12th Dimension - 812 Superfast Private Preview

21st November 2017 – Ferrari has debuted its most powerful production car to
date in Hong Kong – the 800 cv 812 Superfast. The new Ferrari made its official premiere at
the Ferrari showroom in Repulse Bay on 21st November 2017. Mr. Enrico Galliera, Senior Vice
President for Commercial and Marketing of Ferrari S.p.A., Mr. Matteo Torre, President and
CEO of Ferrari Greater China and Mr. John Newman, Chief Operating Officer of the Blackbird
Automotive Group - parent company of Blackbird Concessionaires Limited - attended the
unveiling ceremony to celebrate the premiere of this flagship V12 Berlinetta. The unveiling of
this stunning new model marks a significant milestone as the first launch for Ferrari since the
appointment of Blackbird Concessionaries as its official dealer in Hong Kong.