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Ferrari’s very first GT cars roared out of the factory in Maranello in 1948 and some 60 years on, the majority of these cars still survive. Their owners are naturally anxious that they remain in perfect working order, safe and as thrilling to drive today as they were when they were first built.

Maintaining and servicing such sophisticated cars is an extremely specialised and delicate process, one which most garages are unable to undertake. This is why Ferrari offers its clients a first-class restoration service aimed at protecting the heritage of these classic vehicles.

Every individual component of a Ferrari is designed and constructed with an uncompromising focus on outstanding performance. Detailed information on each of these components, from every Ferrari ever built, is stored in the company’s extensive archive. All assembly sheets, plus all the original designs, dating back to 1947 are also stored. And because Ferrari Classiche has access to the in-house foundry and the very same tooling machines used to make the original parts, the department’s team of experts is able to restore any Ferrari to its pristine, original condition.

If any non-original mechanical parts are found, the car may still be restored to its authentic condition as Ferrari can produce or supply spares conforming to the original specifications and manufactured using original designs and specialist machinery. The manufacture and supply of original components is clearly an essential part of the restoration and maintenance service provided by Ferrari Classiche to help owners fully restore historic Ferrari models to their original splendour.

Carrs Ferrari have extensive knowledge and experience of restoring cars in line with the requirements of the Ferrari Classiche programme. Our team of factory trained technicians have recently restored several Ferraris to their original factory condition at our prupose built workshop facilities. Throughout the restoration of vehciles here at Carrs of Exeter, our team will document and photograph all work completed on your Ferrari, giving you a priceless memento to keep and to offer to the next owner of your car. If you are interested in having your Ferrari restored through Ferrari Classiche with us at Carrs Ferrari, or require further information, contact Mark Ware here.


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